An Intermediary in the Bribery of Former Deputy Governor Khvostov Was Sentenced to Five Years Probation

The defendant helped Orlova's deputy to get 10 million rubles

Igor Kozyrsky was sentenced in Vladimir. He was found guilty of mediation in bribery on a large scale. He appeared in the high-profile case against Dmitry Khvostov, Orlova’s deputy.

During the trial, it was found that in May-June 2015, the deputy governor informed Kozyrsky of the need to go to the office of the general director of a construction firm and receive a bribe of 10 million rubles from him. Kozyrsky went, took the money and gave it to Khvostov.

Kozyrsky pleaded guilty to the alleged crime and repented of what he had done. The court sentenced him to five years’ imprisonment with probationary period of four years. The sentence has not yet entered into legal force.

Earlier in 2018, Kozyrsky had already been convicted in a bribery case against former vice-governor for construction Dmitry Khvostov. The intermediary was sentenced to six years in prison with probation of four years.

Deputy Governor Dmitry Khvostov was found guilty of taking a bribe of 10 million rubles through the mediation of Kozyrsky. Khvostov was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment to be served in a strict regime penal colony, with a fine of 40 million rubles.

Khvostov was also prohibited from holding positions in government agencies related to the implementation of organizational and administrative and housekeeping powers for a period of three years. The sentence came into force on September 15, 2020.

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