Hospitals in Alexandrov, Gus-Khrustalny and Melenki Have no Place in Hospitals to Put Coronavirus Patients

In Vladimir Maternity Hospital No. 2, out of 20 beds for coronavirus patients, 17 are occupied

According to the regional Operational Headquarters, 1,061 coronavirus beds were occupied in the Vladimir region as of June 24. A total of 1,247 beds were deployed in medical institutions, 85.1% of which are occupied.

According to data available to the editorial board, most hospitals are experiencing an acute shortage of beds, and in a number of institutions there are more hospitalizations than the number of beds envisioned for patients.

Among the most unfavorable by the number of free beds are Gus-Khrustalnaya Central Regional Hospital, where out of 110 beds 121 are occupied (11 patients were admitted to an unknown place), in Aleksandrovskaya Central Regional Hospital out of 110 beds 119 are occupied, in Melenkovskaya Central Regional Hospital with 13 beds 17 are occupied.

There is little or no meth in Murom City Hospital No. 1, Sudogda Central Regional Hospital, the First City Hospital in Kovrov, and Hospital No. 6 in Vladimir. The Red Cross Hospital (SCB SMP) in the regional center has 45 of its 52 beds. In Vladimir Maternity Hospital No. 2, 17 out of 20 beds for coronavirus patients are occupied.

According to a document submitted to Governor Vladimir Sipyagin, 44 patients were discharged from medical institutions on a 24-hour period from 9 a.m. on June 23 till 9 a.m. on June 24 and 124 patients were admitted for treatment. Three patients died.

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