A Member of the Territorial Election Commission was Caught Drinking and Driving on Election Day in Vladimir

The last time a man broke the traffic rules, he was deprived of his license

Regional Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against a 35-year-old member of the territorial election commission of Oktyabrsky district. The man is accused of violating traffic rules by a person subjected to administrative punishment. The crime was committed on the day of the elections to the Vladimir City Council immediately after the counting of votes.

In October 2019, the man was twice brought to administrative responsibility for refusing to test for alcohol intoxication. The court imposed a fine and deprivation of the right to drive a car for a year and a half.

According to investigators, on Election Day, September 13, 2020, around 11 pm, traffic police officers stopped the car again, while driving a man with obvious signs of intoxication. The driver was suspended from driving, and later a criminal case was initiated against him.

The press service of the regional Investigative Committee explained ProVladimir that at the time of the third incident, the defendant had already been deprived of his driver’s license. The publication’s interlocutors working in the electoral system specified that technically, at 11 p.m., the TEC (territorial election commission) member could have already finished counting the votes, celebrated the successful completion of the work process and said goodbye to his colleagues.

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