Convicted Navalny Did Not Complain to Vladimir’s Ombudsman

Lyudmila Romanova paid a scheduled visit to Pokrov prison No. 2

Ludmila Romanova, commissioner for Human Rights in the Vladimir region, visited Pokrov penal colony No. 2 and talked with convicted politician Alexei Navalny. The ombudsman visited the colony on a scheduled visit.

As Lyudmila Romanova told ProVladimir, in the colony she toured various premises – the living area, the production area, the canteen, the club, the library and so on. She saw Navalny as she inspected the residential units. The oppositionist, like other prisoners, did not make any complaints:

“I went into the unit and, accordingly, he [Alexei Navalny] was in that unit. There were no complaints or questions. I always ask everyone about their state of health, whether they need medical help, whether they need any help or assistance from me. I have not received any questions or appeals.

The next scheduled inspection by the ombudsman of Penal Colony No. 2 will take place at the end of the year. At the same time Liudmila Romanova reminded that every prisoner has the right to apply to her for help:

“All the letters that convicts write to the commissioner, they are sent to my address within a day. And if any convicted person wants to meet with the commissioner, the meeting can be held in a confidential format”.

According to the Vladimir ombudsman, the decision on how soon the meeting with the convicted person will take place depends on the situation outlined in the appeal.

In April, Ludmila Romanova already said in response to a question from regional legislature deputies that Navalny’s rights were not being violated in the penal colony. At the same time, the convicted politician himself kept a hunger strike for almost a month in spring, claiming that civilian doctors were not allowed to see him. This problem was later resolved.

Alexei Navalny also sued Penal Colony 2 in Pokrov, demanding that he be taken off the register as prone to escape. Alexei Navalny also filed a lawsuit against Vladimir prison No. 3, where he received treatment in the hospital for prisoners on hunger strike, because his lawyers were not allowed to bring their laptops and cell phones to meetings. Both lawsuits were dismissed by the court.

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