Vladimir Sipiagin is Leaving the Governor’s Office and Moving to the State Duma

He served in the position for three years

Vladimir Sipyagin, Governor of the Vladimir region, received his mandate as a member of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) and leaves his office. He announced this news in his farewell address to the region’s residents.

It is interesting that, until recently, both the civil servant himself and his representatives denied the possibility of moving to Okhotny Ryad. Instead, they told us about Vladimir Vladimirovich’s “busy schedule”.

Recall that Vladimir Sipyagin took over the region amid protest voting in 2018, when he defeated United Russia’s Svetlana Orlova in the election. Initially he acted more as a technical opponent, but after the withdrawal of candidate Maxim Shevchenko, Sipyagin unwittingly became a real competitor to the incumbent governor. In the end, the residents of the region voted for the LDPR member after two rounds.

It is not yet known who will lead the Vladimir region in the status of acting governor.

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