Ambulance Workers Who Delivered a Patient to the Regional Administration Building Were Stripped of Their Bonuses

The action outside the walls of the regional administration was the latest gesture of desperation by doctors

On October 25, the chief physician of the Raduzhny hospital issued an order imposing a disciplinary punishment on the medical workers and ambulance driver who had brought a patient to the parking lot in front of the regional administration building at 4 AM on October 17. It should be noted that previously the chief physician of the hospital in Raduzhny held a position in the system of the Federal Penitentiary Service.

The medics were forced to do this after they were refused to hospitalize a coronavirus patient in need of intensive care. After the ambulance arrived with its blinker on, it took 30 minutes to find a place for an elderly woman. It is known that the patient was 89 years old, she was refused in several Vladimir hospitals, but was eventually hospitalized in the regional hospital.

In social networks, medical workers said that disciplinary penalties and deprivation of bonuses were not the end of the incident. According to the ambulance paramedic, their case was taken up by the prosecutor’s office. The issue of reprimanding the four staff members is under consideration. The medics themselves fear that they will be fired from their jobs.

“I note that people were actually punished for actions aimed at saving the life of a patient in conditions of organizational disarray in the regional health care,” writes the author of the post Andrei Konoval.

A prosecutor’s submission dated October 29, 2021 was also posted on social networks. It reads as follows:

“Employees of the ambulance team decided to transport the patient to the State Budgetary Institution of Higher Education “Hospital № 6 of Vladimir. Vladimir” and then to the VO “OKB”. However in both medical institutions they were refused to hospitalize the patient due to the lack of beds, after which they proceeded to the administration of the Vladimir region”.

“The inspection established that there were no legal grounds for the ambulance crew to transport the patient to the Vladimir region administration building, moreover, it could have created a threat to the life and health of ***”.

It should be noted that the ambulance stop near the White House on October 17 was the third such action by medical workers in 2021. Prior to that, patients were brought in early summer and on October 3. In the latter case, the ambulance doctors also posted a video of the rude refusal of the administration of medical institutions to accept a patient.

Official statistics of deployed and occupied places for coronavirus patients in Vladimir region always showed at least 70 vacant places. However, in peak situations, ambulance staff reported the actual lack of places for hospitalization. On October 17, according to the regional health department, 2,170 coronavirus beds were deployed in the Vladimir Region, and 2003 of them were occupied.

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