Vladimir State University Denies Sanctions for Unvaccinated Students

University officials claim that they motivate students to get vaccinated by persuading them to do so. Students say otherwise

Vladimir State University students and their parents are discussing messages that allegedly come in social networks from curators of groups. They say that students over the age of 18 who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus and have not provided a medical clearance certificate will not be allowed to attend classes starting December 15. In addition, there will be no online distance learning classes for them.

“You will write a statement saying that you will study on your own and have no claims to VSU. You will take the exams later in full,” said one of such messages, forwarded to the editorial office.

We remind you that since November 29th Vladimir State University has been returning to full-time classes. This applies to full-time students of several institutes and first-year students of the College of Innovative Technologies and Entrepreneurship. The rest still continue to study using distance technology.

ProVladimir called to Vladimir State University to find out whether students are really forced to be vaccinated, and unvaccinated students will stop being allowed to attend classes from December 15. As explained by the head of the press service of Vladimir State University Natalia Shapshay, the approved calendar of preventive vaccinations for epidodic indications states that both employees of educational institutions and students of universities and colleges over 18 years old are subject to vaccination. This was also announced last week by representatives of Rospotrebnadzor. However, there is no question of suspending unvaccinated students from study:

“We don’t say that to anyone, that’s for sure. They’re probably confused about December 15. It is most likely about the very same planned decree of the governor [to introduce QR codes for the visitors of public catering facilities, beauty salons, fitness centers, and so on]. Our task, the task of the curators, the directorate, is to inform students that vaccination is, after all, the responsibility of every person who does not have a medical condition”.

According to Natalya Shapshay, the university teachers are being vaccinated very actively, in some Institutes of Volzhsky State University over 90% of teachers have already been vaccinated against coronavirus. As for students, about 35% have been immunized. But this is an average data for the university, and in general, the statistics vary from institute to institute.

Last week, the university held an online meeting on social media with a Rospotrebnadzor representative who answered students’ questions:

“Including explaining all these legal acts, she said that the country is now discussing a bill on QR codes [according to which the unvaccinated will not be able to be in public places]. And our tutors are just explaining to students that theoretically from December 15 it can affect everyone. On the part of the university, there are no sanctions for unvaccinated students. Only persuasion, persuasion, personal example”.

Natalia Shapshai added that if students have questions about the requirements for vaccinations, they can ask for explanations to the Vice-Rector for Educational Work Oksana Erashova or write to the official group of the university in “VKontakte”.

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