Five Districts of the Vladimir Region Are Under Blackout for the Entire December Due to Snowfall

Authorities are developing a road map, residents are writing appeals to the minister

Emergency power outages have been occurring in the Vladimir region since early December. In particular, from December 6 to 20, electricity was cut off briefly in all settlements of the Selivanovsky district without exception. In the village of Malyshevo there was no electricity from one to nine hours daily, and in small villages there was no light for days on end, reports the publication “”.

At the December 27 gubernatorial meeting with the heads of municipalities it was reported that the problem affected not only Selivanovsky, but also Gus-Khrustalny, Petushinsky, Kovrovsky, Muromsky, and Vyaznikovsky areas. At the weekend of December 25 and 26 in Gus-Khrustalny district 71 villages were left without electricity.

The White House called on municipalities to urgently create additional teams of electricians to eliminate arising problems, as well as to clear clear glades from the trees. Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev noted that the problems, which now have to be solved in staff mode, could be excluded in summer.

It should be noted that in early December, Rosseti Center stated about the readiness of power grids for winter, which was confirmed by a special document from the Ministry of Energy, and December 24, in his weekly video, the Acting Governor reported on the need for urgent clearance of glades.

On Tuesday, 28 December, the residents of Malyshevo rural settlement of Selivanovsky District addressed an open letter to the Minister of Construction and Housing Irek Fayzullin, the management of Rosseti and the Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev.

In the document, citizens described the situation of lack of electricity, which for some residents inevitably entails the lack of water and heating as well. During a serious cold spell, this poses a risk to people’s lives. Power outages lead to power surges, which, in turn, cause equipment breakdowns.

Residents are reminded that Rosseti’s mission statement states the creation of an innovative grid complex. In fact, this complex is in an unsatisfactory condition, and on-site dispatch services have been eliminated altogether.

Citizens demand that the management of Rosseti Center and Volga Region immediately remedy the situation, develop a program to overhaul power grids and implement it as soon as possible, call on the regional Housing and Utilities Department to monitor the implementation of the overhaul, and create a working group to coordinate the work, which will include residents of the Selivanovsky District.

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