Vladimir’s chief police officer told how swindlers from neighboring countries trick citizens for millions of rubles

Contrary to stereotypes, not only pensioners become victims of swindlers

In Vladimir, the number of “contactless” frauds, in which criminals persuade citizens by telephone to transfer money to them, is increasing. This was reported by Ilya Isachenko, head of the city Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, speaking at a meeting of the City Council.

In 2020, fraudsters took over the money of citizens to the amount of 50 million rubles. Isachenko told a story of how a resident of Vladimir, the chief accountant of a medical institution, in December last year, an unknown person called and, introducing himself as a bank security officer, said that it was necessary to transfer money “to a safe account”. Having believed the caller, the woman gave the criminals her personal 1.5 million rubles.

A leading engineer of one of the city organizations got caught in a similar ruse before the New Year (transferred 662 thousand rubles), and a pensioner (transferred 566 thousand rubles). In total, 38 townspeople received more than half a million rubles as a result of “remote” communication with the scammers in 2020. The perpetrators have not yet been found.

According to Isachenko, in 2021 the situation has not improved, “contactless” fraudsters have fraudulently taken from the citizens almost 22 million rubles. The policeman asked the deputies to convey to their constituents information about this danger. And told how the criminals operate:

“On the other end of the line is a good psychologist, he uses his techniques, methods of neurolinguistic programming of citizens. He clings to weaknesses, to a bright picture, the person is led to the ATM and he transfers money from his card. As soon as you start talking about money, about bank cards, you have to stop it right away.

We cannot yet stabilize the situation in this direction. The number of crimes committed in 2021 is the same as in 2020. Year 20 was very difficult, 50 million – where did this money go? So far we have not yet established… This year there have already been four incidents – more than a million rubles in damage”.

Deputies asked the chief city police officer to provide them with memos that would describe ways of fraudulent actions – to distribute to residents and protect them from possible money losses. Isachenko promised to educate deputies and suggested inviting representatives of condominiums to these meetings.

Deputies asked where the fraudsters get the personal data of citizens. The head of the Department of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Vladimir suggested that the fault is the leakage of the base of one of the well-known banks in 2019.

“We note that when a call is made, citizens are called by their first and patronymic names. Where could the scammers get this data? Of course, somewhere from information resources. Well, hackers also work, and there is theft of various databases. We don’t rule it all out…

When investigating criminal cases, we were able to find out that the phone calls are coming from neighboring countries, such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia. That is, people sit abroad and make phone calls over IP-telephony. The latest ways of committing crimes – they present themselves as prosecutors, FSB officers, police officers, as well as employees of administrations”.

Isachenko stressed that not only grandmothers become the victims of “remote” fraud, the age of the victims has rejuvenated. Among those who have already fallen for the tricks of malefactors are employees of administrations, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, and private legal organizations.

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