Rospotrebnadzor Named the Most Common Strain of Coronavirus in the Vladimir Region

It turned out to be a delta strain

Press secretary of Rospotrebnadzor department in Vladimir region Marina Koltunova named the most common strain COVID-19 in the region. It turned out to be a delta strain, sometimes called “Indian strain” because of the place of its detection. It is highly contagious and occurs more often than other strains in Russia.

“We officially declare that delta is mainly circulating in the Vladimir region. We have repeatedly said that delta is more contagious, more infectious. The incubation period is decreasing, that’s why it is necessary to take into account the situation and not to delay vaccination”, – Koltunova voiced the results of studies.

When infected with the delta strain (B.1.617.2) the risk of hospitalization is 1.8 times higher compared to the alpha strain. The incubation period is 1 to 3 days. Period of excretion of the virus from the body is 13-15 days (other strains have 7-9 days).

A representative of Rospotrebnadzor said that there were no plans to soften the existing anti-coronavirus restrictions in the Vladimir region. The morbidity situation in the region has been described as difficult, but stable. Currently, 16% of covid-beds are vacant.

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