The Paramedic Who Brought the Patient to the Regional Administration Was Reprimanded Twice More

The orders were signed by Lyudmila Zhukova, chief physician of the hospital in Raduzhny

Feldsher Anna Voevodina, whose brigade brought a patient to the Vladimir region administration on October 17, was reprimanded twice more. The head of the inter-regional trade union of health workers “Action” informed about it on his page in “VKontakte”. Andrei Konoval.

Recall that the ambulance came to the square in front of the White House and turned on their flashers, as there was no place for an 89-year-old woman with 80% of lung damage in the covid hospital. Literally half an hour after the start of the “action” she was hospitalized after all. Later it turned out that the ambulance crew was deprived of incentive payments because of the “disciplinary offense”.

In support of physicians advocated civic activists and the Acting Governor of the Vladimir region Alexander Avdeev, but the punishment was not only canceled, but even added a new one. As Andrei Konoval explained, two more disciplinary orders that mention the name of Anna Voevodina were signed by the chief physician of the hospital in Raduzhny, Lyudmila Zhukova. One concerns expired medicines found in the ambulance stack, and the other concerns improper performance of her job duties (this reprimand was announced after a check-up by the prosecutor’s office).

The trade union head stressed that if there are several reprimands, the employer has the right to fire the employee on his own initiative.

“The first of these new reprimands is illegal. We believe that the expired medications were simply planted in retaliation for the complaints and reports of Action union activists on violations in the ambulance. The pads are not issued against signature, kept in the public domain, checked and sealed in the absence of employees.

With the second order we will also deal with all eight employees. But Anna Voevodina shouldn’t have anything to do with it, as she simply wasn’t involved in the events, which became the subject of the prosecutor’s office presentation”, – said Konoval in social networks.

The union “Action” intends to challenge these reprimands.

Earlier, ProVladimir wrote about the situation in the emergency department of the Raduzhny city hospital. Thus, in August, the medical workers asked Governor Sipyagin to intervene in their conflict with the chief physician Lyudmila Zhukova. The paramedics claimed that they were not paid for their coronavirus loads and were forced to work in poor conditions. Another story concerned Zhukova’s Code of Professional Ethics for Medical Workers, which prohibited them from criticizing the head of the institution and their colleagues. The prosecutor’s office demanded that the internal document be cancelled, since it was adopted in violation of the law.

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