Mayor of Vladimir Told What Awaits Public Transport in 2022

The mayor's office announced the introduction of a differentiated tariff

Mayor Andrei Shokhin called the transport collapse that took place in Vladimir a disaster. The crisis in bus transportation began last winter during snowfalls and frosts, and continued with the bankruptcy of the carrier “ADM”. And this company accounted for most of the routes.

It did not work overnight to replace the big company. There was no spare rolling stock and no drivers either. They went to work in mass on the construction of M-12. Shokhin said that they had to contact with the neighboring areas, so that they could help with the transportation of the people of Vladimir. The head of the city also complained that the bus fleet in Vladimir is old and it is time to change it:

“There were a lot of complaints about the Volgabus buses, but they were new at the time and drove until they almost ceased to exist. But we still have some of those buses moving”.

Andrei Shokhin added that, together with Alexander Avdeev, he would pay a lot of attention to transport. Infrastructure budget loan for 253 million rubles has already been received and next year 17 buses will be purchased. They will receive only the municipal enterprise “Vladimirpassazhirtrans”, which now owns 40% of the transportation market.

“Our plan is to replace all [old] buses and trolleybuses with new ones. It costs a lot of money [two to three billion rubles]. We discussed with the governor how to solve this issue,” said the mayor.
Now in the city there are 10 transport companies of Vladimir. Shokhin noted that this is a normal figure, replacing a small company is always easier than a monopolist.

“ADM” just divided into small parts, everyone made his choice and took his route”, – admitted Shokhin.

Journalists reminded the mayor that in the days of “Bigavtotrans” with transportations everything was in order – Vladimir was one of the best in this sphere. On what the mayor said that he did not know why large companies cease to exist.

Unpleasant event for the citizens in the near future will be an increase in the cost of travel in public transport. As the mayor said, the fare has not changed for three years. Now it will be differentiated.

It will be more profitable to pay by card than by cash. Cashless payment makes transactions more transparent and allows controlling payments on social tickets, according to the mayor’s office.

“When I ask carriers why they didn’t leave after 9 p.m., they start to cheat – the bus is broken or something else. It’s just not profitable for them to go because there are three or five passengers. With night and evening (until 23:30) tariff, they won’t have arguments, because it will cost 30% more,” – said Shokhin.

Head of the city clarified that while profile department has not approved the tariffs, he voiced approximate figures. But the regional structure is tough in discussing the validity of the cost of transportation.

Also Vladimir mayor said that so far he has no plans to change the grid of routes, although many city residents are asking for it. Shokhin noted that any interference leads to letters and “demonstrations”, because people are used to travel according to a certain scheme.

As an example, the head of the city cited the demands of the residents of Mostostroy. They ask to reduce the length of the bus route, so that it goes to them more often. It is planned to conduct a survey of the population of the neighborhood, the results of which will decide how the bus will go – to the station or to the hypermarket “Globus”.

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