The Court Refused to Commute the Sentence of Vitaly Timofeyenko for Injuring a Police Officer at an Unauthorized Rally

Vitaly Timofeyenko sprayed pepper spray in the face of a police officer

The Second Court of Common Pleas in Moscow considered the appeal of the lawyer of convicted Vitaly Timofeyenko and upheld the decision of the lower courts. We remind that on March 5, 2021 the Leninsky Court of Vladimir found a resident of Raduzhny Vitaly Timofeyenko guilty under the criminal article on the use of violence against the representative of authority and sentenced the man to three years of imprisonment in the general regime.

The court found that during an unauthorized opposition rally on January 23 on Teatralnaya Square in Vladimir, Vitaly Timofeyenko sprayed pepper spray in the face of policeman Andrei Frolov. The policeman, who was on duty, received chemical burns of the eyes.

During the trial, the policeman provided documents that it took him three weeks to recover. Vitaly Timofeyenko fully confessed and repented of his actions. The injured employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs accepted the apology of the defendant.

Vitaly Timofeyenko had no previous criminal charges. A few months before the incident on Teatralnaya Square an administrative case was initiated against him for a comment about Vladimir Putin, but the linguistic expertise found no violations and the court terminated the administrative proceedings.

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