Shareholders of the House With “Extra” Floors Are Preparing New Pickets Near the Kremlin

The first event took place last weekend

After a solitary picket of Natalya Cheremnykh, a shareholder of a house with “extra” floors, on the bridge near the Kremlin, the Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev returned to the discussion of the problem of commissioning the new building. But the result did not satisfy the citizens, the shareholders are preparing a new series of actions.

Natalia Cheremnykh lives in Moscow, but she is active: she takes part in meetings, corresponds in “Residential Complex Zagorodny” chat rooms, makes proposals on the issue promotion. Shareholders talked about the resumption of solitary pickets after a meeting at the White House, which was held by Alexander Avdeev at the end of December.

“We want to attract the attention of the authorities at the federal level. No one in the region is helping us. We made a banner and stood up, no one chased us away,” said Natalia Cheremnykh.

Shareholders sent photos of the picket to all the social networking sites. The posts made a lot of noise. The governor’s aides contacted the shareholders. They agreed on one condition: there would be a meeting, but only with Natalya. However, it turned out that she was in Moscow and would not be able to come. After negotiations we settled on a telephone conversation with her sister Tatiana. The result was published by the head of the region in his social networks.

“No one takes apartments from the shareholders from Kommunar. The apartments should be deprived by an unscrupulous developer, who built an extra two floors. Because of his greed, the house has not been commissioned for years. He explained to the interlocutor why it was more profitable for the builder to tear down extra floors with unsold apartments. By fixing what he had done, he would avoid criminal prosecution. I have the situation with the restoration of shareholders’ rights under my control. We will keep informing the initiative group about every stage of solving the problem”, Avdeev’s page says.

The Acting Governor clarified once again that the option of finalization and approval of the project of the united protective zone of the objects of cultural heritage located on the territory of Vladimir is impossible. No one has agreed to change the boundaries. He insisted that demolition of two extra floors is the best solution. Avdeev said the same thing on New Year’s Eve. In a month, neither the schedule nor the sources of financing for these costly and labor-intensive measures have become clear. After all, the elevator goes to the ninth floor, all the communications are laid. Everything is connected and working.

“If Rusakov (the developer) was willing to demolish the extra floors and solve the case peacefully, he would have done so long ago. Without a criminal case. And now we are offered to give up our claims in exchange for demolition? And compensation for delayed construction, for our suffering?” – The shareholders are reasoning.

By the way, Alexander Avdeev thinks that Sergey Rusakov finds it more advantageous to demolish extra floors at his expense. In this case, he will avoid criminal prosecution.
The court case against the former head of Sistema is considered in Oktyabrsky District Court. Now there is the stage of interrogation of shareholders. They are being asked what options to solve the problem they would be satisfied with.

“We all understand that the case is moving towards compensation. We all understand that we will get back the sums paid under the equity participation agreements. Today, even for 80 thousand rubles per square meter you cannot buy an apartment similar to ours. If only in Verizino, if 100 thousand rubles [per square meter],” – counted the citizens.

During the discussion, some of the shareholders have already said they are ready for compensation because they want to put an end to this long and painful issue. Compensations can be paid either by the developer (although officially he was declared bankrupt) or the Fund for rehabilitation of rights of defrauded shareholders. But the case on Central, 19 has not yet been transferred there.

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