The Kidnapper of a Schoolboy in Vladimir Region Sent to Prison for Almost 20 Years

Dmitry Kopylov will be monitored by a psychiatrist at the place where he is serving his sentence

Dmitry Kopylov, who abducted a minor in the fall of 2020, was sentenced in Vladimir region. He was also found guilty of 61 other crimes, including under the articles “Violent acts of a sexual nature against a person under the age of 14” and “Using a minor for the production of pornographic materials.

The Kameshkovsky district court sentenced Dmitri Kopylov to 19 years and 11 months in a strict regime penal colony. After that his freedom will be restricted for one year and 10 months. The defendant was also fined 30 thousand rubles.

In addition, Kopylov is assigned compulsory measures of medical nature – he will be monitored by a psychiatrist at the place of imprisonment. Two minors were recognized as victims in the case. Their legal representatives filed lawsuits for compensation of moral damage – one for 1.1 million and the other for 2.5 million rubles. The court granted them partially – in the amounts of 800 thousand and two million rubles, respectively. The verdict has not come into legal force.

The 24 court sessions in this high-profile case were held behind closed doors. The court heard 36 witnesses, examined about 50 items of evidence and 300 electronic files. During the interrogation the defendant pleaded guilty to each of the 62 charges. In his last word, he said that he repented and asked for leniency.

The Investigative Committee reports that in 2014, 2015 and 2019, Kopylov committed sodomy and other acts of a sexual nature against a young boy in Suzdal, filming what was happening to make pornographic materials.

In addition, in September 2020, Dmitry Kopylov kidnapped a seven-year-old boy in the Kameshkovsky district. When the schoolboy did not return home, law enforcement officers and volunteers of Liza Alert joined in his search. Soon he was put on the federal wanted list.

The boy was found alive almost two months later in the village of Makarikha of Kameshkovsky district. His whereabouts were helped to law enforcement officers by their colleagues from Interpol, who had seen articles on Darknet about a man, holding a child in a private home. Video detention of 26-year-old Dmitry Kopylov was published by the regional Investigative Committee and the Department of Internal Affairs. The boy was handed over to his parents and was assisted by psychologists.

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