Champion Evgenia Stepanova, Who Died in an Accident in Vladimir, Will Be Bid Farewell on August 2

The funeral will take place in Sudogda

On July 30, about 21:00 near Zagorodniy Park in Vladimir, there was an accident with several victims. The foreign car drove into the oncoming lane, where it collided with a bus. As a result, the driver and two passengers of a car were killed on the spot, while a third passenger of a foreign car and one of the bus passengers were hospitalized. Seven more people received abrasions and contusions. A criminal case was opened regarding the accident, and the city prosecutor’s office is checking.

Yevgeniya Stepanova, a champion, a master of sports of international class, a member of the Russian wushu team, died in a car accident. The girl was 24 years old. It is known that Yevgeniya was riding with a friend in the back seat of a car that collided with a bus.

Evgenia Stepanova has an unusual fate, indicating an incredible determination. The girl is a orphan, originally from Sudogda. She was brought up by her grandmother and was distinguished by her responsiveness and modesty. She took up sports in 2011 and by the age of 24 was able to become champion of Russia, four-time European champion and two-time world champion.

After the news of the tragedy, Russian athletes announced a fundraiser. According to the Vladimir Mayor’s Office with reference to Yevgenia Stepanova’s coach Alexander Abramov, dozens of people responded to the initiative, including representatives of the Russian Wushu Federation.

The farewell to the athlete will be held at 11:15 on August 2 in the girl’s hometown Sudogda, at 10, Kommunisticheskaya St.

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