70% Of Central Federal District Residents Believe That Teachers Should Be Paid More Than 100 Thousand Rubles per Month. In the Vladimir Region They Are Looking For Teachers on a Salary of 25 Thousand Rubles

The official average salary of teachers in the region is 45,526 rubles

According to a survey of job search service, 70% of residents of the Central Federal District believe that a decent salary for a teacher can be considered a salary of 100 thousand rubles a month. According to information from Vladimirstat, today Vladimir’s school teachers earn an average of 45.5 thousand rubles.

“Among representatives of different professions most often the maximum salary for teachers was chosen by marketing and advertising professionals (79%), IT specialists (78%) and construction workers (77%), least often – labor and HR-managers (57% each),” – specify the survey compilers.

In Russia, the percentage of those who would like to see teachers paid more than 100 thousand rubles is 69%. The highest proportion of such respondents is in Moscow (79%) and St. Petersburg (72%) and the lowest is in the Perm region (53%).

All in all, 84% of citizens across the country think that teachers’ salaries today can’t be called decent. According to the service, on average, employers offer a salary of 39.5 thousand rubles to school teachers. Only 8% of vacancies promise salaries over 100 thousand rubles.

The highest-paying vacancy for a teacher is now a teacher of English at one of the oldest private schools in the country on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow. The ideal candidate has experience in preparing children for admission to Cambridge. Such a teacher is ready to pay 200 thousand rubles a month.

In the Vladimir region on September 1, there is one vacancy for an English teacher in a public school, posted on, with a salary. This is a position at Starodvorskaya school. Applicant’s work experience is not important, education is possible both higher and incomplete higher education. The candidate is willing to pay 25 thousand rubles for a full-time job. Another vacancy posted Vladimir Industrial College. The teacher of English and German are looking for 15,279 rubles. Experience is welcome.

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