Most Anti-coronavirus Restrictions in the Vladimir Region Will Be Lifted From March 3

This was announced by the Acting Vice-Governor Alexander Remiga

Acting Vice-Governor Alexander Remiga announced the cancellation of most of the anticoronavirus restrictions currently in place in the Vladimir Region. He said this on March 2 in a live broadcast on the “Region Management Center,” answering a question on the subject.

“On Monday, the governor has already outlined the position that all the deputy governors and heads of departments should work out how far we can lift all the restrictions now. The issue has been worked out by all blocks, worked out with Rospotrebnadzor as well. By the end of the day, the decree will be submitted to the governor for review in its final version today. And as of tomorrow, we will live by the new rules.

Naturally, we are talking about easing restrictions. I can say that in terms of business and services, of our restaurateurs and hoteliers, we have already minimized them [restrictions], but we still have some way to go. There are also questions about sporting and cultural events. There will definitely remain a mask regime as a basic event, disinfection. And mass events for more than 500 people in enclosed spaces – definitely not at this stage [will be allowed]. Everything else – I think we can already move on to a measured life,” Remiga explained.

In the Vladimir region, there has been a steady downward trend in the number of new cases of coronavirus registered daily. Medical institutions of the region have been phasing out covids since February.

Currently, entertainment events are allowed in cultural institutions if the hall is not crowded by more than 50% and sanitary and epidemiological requirements are observed. If there will be more than 50% of spectators in the hall, they must have QR codes or paper certificates proving vaccination or having had coronavirus within six months. In addition, spectators with negative PCR tests (valid for no more than 48 hours) are allowed. The same requirements apply for physical education and sporting events. The specified restrictions don’t concern persons under 18 years old – they don’t need certificates and QR codes.

In addition, the public catering establishments may serve visitors from 01:00 to 6:00 only if the latter have a QR-code or a paper certificate of vaccination or suffered an illness. Negative PCR tests are also valid for 48 hours. Public catering is still prohibited from holding contests and discos. Restrictions also still apply to beauty salons, fitness centers and saunas.

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