Living Wage Increased by 1900 Rubles in the Vladimir Region

Growth of 14% over 10 months

Since June 1 the living wage in Vladimir region makes 13 501 rubles. For working people – 14,717 rubles, for pensioners – 11,612 rubles, for children – 13,097 rubles. The corresponding decree was signed by Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev.

The previous time the living wage was updated in August 2021. Then it was 11 592 rubles. Thus, during the last 10 months this index increased by Br1,909 or 14%. This is less than inflation for a number of basic foods in the region-33 since the beginning of the year, as well as less than the official growth in the cost of a minimum set of products. According to Rosstat, the “survival basket” has risen by 15% since the beginning of the year alone, amounting to 5901 rubles at the end of March.

Under such conditions the state supports the most disadvantaged segments of the population – families with several children, as well as pensioners. On June 1, the insurance component of old-age pensions and social pensions were indexed by 10%. The average size of the old-age pension is now Br18 600. Indexation will affect 441 thousand people.

Benefits for pregnant women were also increased from June 1 – from RUB 6,689 to RUB 7,348. Citizens, whose family income per person does not exceed the subsistence minimum, may get a new payment for children from 8 to 17 years. Until June 1, the allowance in our region was 12,274 rubles, from June 1 – 13,501 rubles, according to the press service of the regional administration.

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