430 Million Rubles Will Be Spent on Tourism Improvement of Suzdal and Murom

Rostourism will allocate money in 2023

The applications of Suzdal and Murom for tourist improvement were among the winners of the contest of Rostourism. In 2023 the region will receive 215 million rubles from the federal budget to transform the historical part of these cities.

The Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev told in social networks that in Murom the money will be spent on signage for tourists, maps, diagrams and information structures. It is also planned to equip the sanitary and photo zone, viewing and fairgrounds.

In Suzdal there are plans to build sightseeing platforms, places for fairs, festivals and 3D movies, to lay bicycle paths and walking trails, to build several small piers and to install tourist binoculars.

“In total, we have attracted 535.5 million federal rubles for the development of tourism in 2022 – 2023. This is the first time the region will receive such tangible assistance in the development of the hospitality sector. This is a sign that Rosturizm and Russian government trust us and support our initiatives”, – said Mr. Avdeev.

The Acting Governor said that the transformation of historic cities will be appreciated not only by tourists, but also by local residents. Gradually it is planned to improve the centers of all the cities in the region.

In total, 80 projects took part in the contest of Rostourism, of which 31 were approved. In addition to Murom and Suzdal, Vladimir was also preparing an application. Why it will not yet receive federal money for improvement, Alexander Karpilovich, the official representative of the city administration, explained to ProVladimir:

“The city of Vladimir is a donor city, the administrative capital of the Vladimir region. And the capital status imposes considerable burdens. For example, the care of our little brothers – the district centers, which also want to improve and infrastructure development. Therefore Vladimir has decided to “give way to the young” – Murom and Suzdal – and, having consulted with the head of the region, this time did not lay claim to the federal means of the Federal Tourism Agency for renovation of the Station Square area and the adjacent quarters of the old town.

For example Suzdal has the 1000 anniversary celebration ahead, it needs a large-scale renovation, we understand that and decided not to apply for the funds of Rostourism this year. Moreover, according to experts’ assessments, the competitive bid of Vladimir was almost 100% passable, and our respected junior colleagues could have been left out.

As for the renovation of the station area in the regional capital, we already have preliminary agreements on financing the improvement work from other sources. We hope that our partners will appreciate the generosity of Vladimir’s soul, fulfill their obligations, and not let the city down.

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