During the Swimming Season in the Vladimir Region 41 People Drowned

Including eight children

The Department of EMERCOM in the Vladimir region summed up the results of the bathing season in 2022. In total in the region prepared 41 permitted places for swimming out of the available 85. It was repeatedly stated that this is not enough, people continue to visit the popular wild beaches. At 44 of these sites during the season were on duty mobile lifeguard posts.

This year 41 people, including eight children, drowned in the region’s bodies of water. During the swimming season 2021 there were 36 victims, including six minors.

Most accidents involving adults occurred in unequipped areas. People died in technical ponds and fire ponds. Children’s deaths occurred due to inability to swim and the absence of adults at the critical moment.

Preventive work among the population was conducted throughout the bathing season and residents of the region were warned where they could swim and where they could not.

“During the bathing season employees drew up 42 protocols on administrative offenses against citizens, 19 parents were brought to administrative responsibility for improper performance of their duties to raise children,” said Alexander Golovashkin, deputy head of the Emergency Ministry of Russia in the Vladimir region.

Despite the cold weather, EMERCOM continues preventive work with the population. At the beginning of the school year children will be told about the rules of safe water behavior.

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