In the Vladimir Region 37 Schools Took an Early Vacation

Fifty-two more have moved all students to distance learning

37 schools in the Vladimir region have already gone on early vacation. Svetlana Boltunova, acting director of the Department of Education, told this during a weekly online briefing on the epidemic situation.

“This decision is made by the founder, that is, local authorities, depending on the situation,” the official added.

Department officials monitor the situation in other regions of the Central Federal District, and it is the same as in the Vladimir region. Morbidity is growing among both students and teachers, so decisions are made to distance certain classes or, in some cases, entire schools.

According to the data of regional administration as of February 1, 52 out of 365 general educational organizations in the region switched over to the distance education. Another 177 operate in a mixed format, that is, some classes have moved to a distance learning.

In addition, 12 kindergartens out of 473 are closed for quarantine. Separate groups temporarily do not work in 68 pre-schools. Of the 35 organizations of vocational education, two have completely switched to a distance learning program, while 28 have moved separate groups. As for the organizations of additional education, four out of 99 are working remotely, the rest – in the normal mode.

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