In the Vladimir Region in March, These Three Groups of Goods Rose in Price Most of All

Prices for vegetables, storable goods and goods "for the rich" rose at a faster rate.

According to Rosstat, inflation in Russia from March 1 to March 25 was 6.6%, since the beginning of the year – 8.9%. In the first quarter, price growth in the country was higher than for the entire year 2021, follows from the published data.

The results of price monitoring in Vladimir region were provided by Vladimirstat. As always, the overall basket of goods and services price increase was uneven. Price rises are most pronounced in three segments: fruits and vegetables, storable goods and goods “for the rich. The rise in prices in these segments has a different nature.

The White House has previously explained that vegetable prices are rising because of seasonality. By March, the warehouses ran out of stocks of what was grown in the region, and the region started importing products from other places. As a result, the price of cabbage rose by 22% in March; according to Vladimirstat, one kilogram of cabbage is now available for 80 rubles. Prices of carrots rose by 20% to 62 rubles, while potatoes – by 13% to 48 rubles.

The second group of goods with record-breaking inflation was longterm storage products. Here the rise in price is explained by a rush in demand. The leader in the growth of prices is granulated sugar. If in the first two months of 2022, its price rose by 7.2%, then in the first three weeks of March – by 33.6%. In March, the price of rice went up by 19%, buckwheat – by 17.5%, salt – by 14%, tea – by 11.6% and flour – by 8.3%.

The reasons for the rise in prices of vegetables and storable food are temporary in nature. However, this does not guarantee that other factors negatively affecting pricing will not appear in the future. Russia has restricted export of grain from the country by a government decree. This measure is designed to restrain and reduce prices for flour and pasta.

The third group, which contributed to inflation, includes goods that can be conventionally called “for the rich”. These are household appliances, electronics, cars, cosmetics and perfumes. According to Vladimirstat, in the first three weeks of March, the average cost of a foreign car rose by 20%; the cost of laundry soap rose by 19.6%.

It should be noted that the main rise in car prices in Russia occurred in early April. Since early March, the average cost of cars has risen by 35 – 45%, against a drop in sales by 60%, reports the portal “Autonews,” citing car dealers. The rise in prices in this segment is associated with the volatility of the exchange rate, as well as radical changes in the supply chain of foreign goods.

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