The Vladimir Medical College Issued One Hundred Certificates for the Nursing Profession Without Training or Examination

Criminal cases were initiated for abuse of power and forgery

In Vladimir, the prosecutor’s office found violations in the implementation of a program of vocational training and additional education for people who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

According to the prosecutor’s office, in the fall of 2020 the Vladimir Institute for Educational Development named after L.I. Novikova signed an agreement with the Vladimir Basic Medical College. L.I. Novikova and the Vladimir Basic Medical College signed a contract to train one hundred citizens in the profession of “nurse”. 2.4 million rubles, a grant from the federal budget, was used to organize the process. After the course of classes, those trainees who passed the qualification exam were to receive certificates of established form.

As a result, one hundred people received personal certificates entitling them to be employed as caregivers. This information was entered into the “Federal Register of Information on Documents of Education and (or) Qualifications, Training Documents”.

However, as it was found out by the prosecutor’s office, the training of one hundred of these persons was not actually conducted, and they did not take the qualification exam.
Based on the materials of prosecutorial investigation, investigators opened criminal cases under Articles of abuse of power (Article 285 of the Criminal Code) and forgery (Part 1, Article 292 of the Criminal Code).

The office monitors the progress of the investigation. In addition, Vladimir’s prosecutor sent to court a lawsuit to annul the certificates for the profession of “nurse”, issued in violation of the law.

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