The Hospitalization Rate for Coronavirus in the Vladimir Region Is Growing

The region now has 125 beds for such patients

In the Vladimir region, the number of coronavirus cases and, as a consequence, the number of hospitalizations of such patients is growing. Artem Osipov, head of the Department of Health, told about it on the air of “Region Management Center”.

The head of regional health authorities added that medical institutions were again deploying beds for covid patients. So far – within the infectious disease buildings in the regional center and districts.

“Now the largest hospital remains City Hospital No. 6 [in Vladimir], with beds deployed to provide intensive care for patients. We reopened beds last week to receive patients with new coronavirus infection in Murom, Kovrov, Petushki and Sobinka. So far we’re up to 125 beds. But if the growth persists, and I think it will persist, we will definitely deploy additional beds.

Artem Osipov urged the region’s residents to be vaccinated or revaccinated in order not to get sick during the new wave of coronavirus.

On August 2, Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev said that the situation with COVID-19 is not yet of concern and does not require the introduction of additional restrictions. But measures will be taken if necessary.

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