The Regional Election Commission Registered Five Candidates for Governor of the Vladimir Region

None of them had any questions about the documents

All gubernatorial candidates have been registered by the Vladimir Regional Election Commission. This was revealed by Vadim Minaev, the chairman, at a meeting with journalists on August 5.

The latest candidate, Anton Sidorko of the CPRF, was approved on Friday morning and immediately received a certificate. Earlier, Alexander Subbotin (Party of Growth), Sergei Biryukov (Just Russia – For Truth), and Sergei Kornishov (LDPR) had gone through the same procedure. Alexander Avdeev (“United Russia”) was the first registered candidate.

“The election commission, having studied five sets of documents, decided to register all five candidates. We will have five names on the ballot,” said Vadim Minaev.

Out of the collected signatures of the candidates of the “municipal filter,” only one double was registered. However, this fact did not have any effect, as the candidates had more than the required 126 signatures.

So far, the regional election commission has received three complaints concerning the campaign of one of the candidates. However, the commission did not find anything illegal.

There are also appeals from residents of localities who want to draw attention to their problems. In one of the villages in Sudogodsky District, they decided that there might be problems with voting due to a broken road. Only about 20 voters live there, and the rest are residents of the capital region.

“The territorial election commission assured us that if such a need arises, they will be able to organize voting outside the premises, they will come to them. Dacha residents do not live in the Vladimir region and they do not participate in the elections,” said the head of the election commission.
Vadim Minaev pointed out that on the whole the election campaign is held according to the law, normally and without any problems.

On the eve of the regional election commission signed a contract with “Rostelecom” to organize video surveillance during the elections. Next week there will be a discussion of the number of accounts that will be given to the participants of observation.

In the region there will be video surveillance at 452 polling stations where more than 70% of the voters can vote. Cameras will be turned on on September 8 and switched off immediately after the results are tallied. In 23 territorial election commissions, video observation will start on September 11 at 8 p.m. and will be turned off after the TEC has made its decision and sent the report to the regional election commission. All other polling stations will be video monitored.

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