In the Vladimir Region the Average Cost of Utilities – 4788 Rubles per Family. Mandatory payments account for 11.2% of family income

The Vladimir region ranked 61st among Russian regions in terms of the ratio of spending on housing and communal services to the average income of the population. In our region, the cost of the package of mandatory services is relatively low – 4788 rubles on average, but the income of residents is also lower than the national average, according to RIA Rating.

Interestingly, Rosstat also sums up a similar indicator, counting not on income, but on the expenditures of families. According to state statistics, in 2021, residents of the Vladimir region spent on average 12.2% of all expenses on utility bills. This is a much more optimistic figure, given that, according to official statistics, incomes are significantly higher than expenses.

Data on average expenses does not reflect the real situation for most families. For example, according to Vladimirstat data for 2020, the poorest 20% of residents spent 14.9% of their income on housing and utilities, while the richest 20% (of those surveyed) spent 9.1%.

Among our geographic neighbors, residents of Yaroslavl (12.3% of income), Ryazan (12.1%) and Moscow (11.9%) regions would spend more on housing and utilities. Traditionally rich regions are in the second part of this rating. Thus, Moscow will have to spend 10.8% of revenues, or 10.3 thousand rubles to pay for utilities and fuel, in Kamchatka – 14.2% or 9.9 thousand rubles.

Earlier, RIA Rating came to the conclusion based on Rosstat data that only 14% of residents of the Vladimir region receive the average salary in the country of 62 thousand rubles. Only 5% of families in the region can be considered middle class. For the rest of the residents, it will be difficult to afford a car, a spacious apartment, and a comfortable mode of consumption at the same time.

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