Navalny Will Challenge His Placement in a Punishment Cell for Unbuttoning a Button

Convicted politician thinks he is illegally punished in Melekhovo penal colony #6

Kovrov City Court of the Vladimir region will consider another lawsuit of Alexei Navalny to the management of Penal Colony 6 in Melekhovo, where he is serving his sentence. The politician asks to declare illegal the decision of the head of the penitentiary to place him in a punishment cell.

The statement of claim states that on August 12, 2022, convicted Navalny was sent to a punishment cell for three days for unbuttoning the top button of his clothes.

“The administrative plaintiff believes that the violation committed by him in its severity and nature does not correspond to the penalty imposed, the administration of the correctional institution did not take into account the circumstances of the violation, the personality of the convict and his behavior”, – explained in the press service of the Kovrov city court.

In the social networks Alexei Navalny said that after the story with the unbuttoned button, he was also added five days in the punishment cell for the fact that he walked along the corridor of the detention center for several seconds without putting his hands behind his back.

Earlier, it became known that Navalny was contesting in court the warning announced to him by the prison authorities after the creation of the “Promzona” union. In addition, the oppositionist intends to find out through the court who is the customer of the products made by prisoners.

Recall that in January 2022 Rosfinmonitoring included Alexei Navalny in the register of terrorists and extremists.

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