There Are Four Applicants for One Job Position in the Vladimir Region

In the Vladimir region, the number of active vacancies in the labor market continues to decline. This follows from the statistics published by the job search service At the beginning of 2022, 2.2 people applied for one job offer, but by the end of March it was already 3.5. At the end of April this figure rose to four people. The number of vacancies on the service in April decreased by 13%, and the number of resumes – by 2%.

As always, the situation in the labor market is changing very unevenly. While the average market demand for specialists is decreasing, it is only increasing in a number of professional areas.

Compared with March 2022, last month there was a significant increase in demand for doctors and other health care workers, as well as for bureaucrats, housekeepers and security guards. Such fields as insurance, automotive business, marketing, advertising, training, investments and banking have gone into a hard decline in the number of vacancies.

If we look not at trends, but at absolute values, employers in the region-33 are most often looking for workers, sales specialists, construction workers, drivers, medical workers and programmers.

The demand for IT specialists in the Vladimir region decreased in March. At the same time, the number of resumes from such specialists increased significantly. In April the situation changed: the demand increased and the supply returned to last year’s figures (+3% compared to the previous year).

In March, the service recorded a reversal of all major labor market trends. Prior to that period, the Vladimir Region saw a dynamic growth in the number of vacancies (28% over the year) with the average annual number of CVs remaining unchanged.

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