The State Spends 89 Million Rubles to Create Paid Parking in Suzdal

Suzdal will receive 89 million rubles for parking facilities. Within two years, 855 new parking spaces are to be arranged. Everything should be completed by the 1000th anniversary of the city.

Preparations to the large-scale celebration of the anniversary of Suzdal in 2024 are gaining momentum. At the June meeting of the Legislative Assembly they made significant adjustments to the regional budget of the current year. Deputies and officials agreed to allocate an additional 340 million rubles for preparatory activities.

“All actions are provided by the actual design and estimate documentation and carried out examination. Within the framework of realization of measures to prepare for the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of the city the expenditures of transport and road economy sectors for creation of parking places in the historical part of Suzdal were increased”, – according to the explanatory note to the documents to the budget correction.

At one of the last joint meetings in the White House on the preparation for the anniversary celebration Sergey Sakharov, the head of Suzdal Administration, said that the project of a paid parking lot is ready. Kostroma “Design and Investment Company” did the work for 2.4 million rubles.

“Design and estimate documentation for organization of paid parking is developed, repair of road surface of parking on Vinogradov Street is done. Intercepting parking lots are planned to be placed near Transport and Vasilievskaya Streets”, – specifies Sergey Sakharov.

In Suzdal administration explained that parking will be made in a single architectural concept. There should be a pavilion with a central post, toilets, information boards for tourists, vending machines, lighting, bicycle parking and video surveillance cameras.

Also in pockets with parking lots should be equipped on 12 Suzdal streets: Pushkarskaya, Lenina, Vinogradov, Vasilievskaya, the Paris Commune, on the Market Square, Krupskaya, Netek, Red Square, Pozharsky, Shakhovsky.

Now in the central part of Suzdal, you can not park along the streets. But there are paid parking lots, which are mostly empty and filled only during mass holidays.

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