A New Water Intake Will Be Built in the Vyazniki District by 2024

In summer, because of the shallowing of the Klyazma River, water was supplied to homes with restrictions

The situation with water supply in Vyazniki was discussed at an operational meeting at the White House on September 5. In summer, due to the heat and shallowing of the Klyazma River, the water pressure in the local central water supply system dropped sharply. The population was supplied with water according to the schedule. Water was brought to the Pervomaisky settlement, the village of Chudinovo and the Yuzhny Microdistrict.

By September 1, the situation with the water supply was normalized. But the problem remains – it needs a new water intake, said the head of Vyazniki district Igor Zinin.

As a result of the meeting it was decided to include in the federal project “Clean Water” in 2024 the construction of the intake structure with an increasing pumping station in the village Troitskoye-Tatarovo, main and distribution water line to the city, as well as to the settlement of Oktyabrsky and the village Luknovo. Management of Vyazniki district must prepare design estimates until July 1, 2023.

The residents of Vyazniki district expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of water. Users of social networks reasonably pointed out that the population would have to pay the full tariff, despite the lack of service.

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