A Resident of Vyazniki Will Be Convicted for Anti-war Graffiti at a Public Transport Stop

The protocol made against him will be considered on September 15

Vyazniki City Court will consider the case against a local resident, who had previously been prosecuted for public actions discrediting the use of the RF Armed Forces to protect the interests of Russia and its citizens (part 1 of article 20.3.3 of the RF Code of Administrative Offences). The court hearing was scheduled for September 15.

According to the police, at the end of August a man painted anti-war slogans on a public transport stop at the 305th kilometer of highway M-7 in Vyazniki district. Law enforcers concluded that in this way he undermined the credibility of the special operation to protect the citizens of the DNR and LNR.
A resident of Vyazniki will be convicted for anti-war graffiti at a public transport stop.

In the overwhelming majority of cases the courts of the Vladimir region sentenced under part 1 of article 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation to fines of 30 thousand rubles. Decisions on fines have already been issued:

  • In Kovrov – for anti-war slogans in stores;
  • In Murom – for a poster on city’s 1100th anniversary square;
  • In Vladimir – for a poster on Theater Square;
  • In Kirzhach – for statements at a court session;
  • In Vladimir – for an incomprehensible inscription on the wall of a house;
  • In Vladimir – for a poster in a store with an appeal to sign a petition;
  • In Kovrov – for statements in the presence of fellow factory workers;
  • In Yuryev-Polsky – for a poster on the window of his car;
  • In Murom – for a note with an upside-down letter “Z” under the wiper of someone else’s car;
  • In Kovrov – for the poster in front of the district administration building;
  • In Kovrov – for an appeal in social networks to sign a petition;
  • In Alexandrov – for a solitary action with an anti-war poster at a bus stop.

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