Vladimir Regional Court Upheld the Lawfulness of Registering Navalny as Prone to Extremism

Convicted oppositionist failed to appeal against the decision of the Petushinsky District Court

In Vladimir, the regional court considered Alexei Navalny’s appeal of the decision made by the Pushkin district court regarding his lawsuit against Penal Colony No. 2 in Pokrov. The oppositionist took part in the hearing via video link.

Earlier the politician serving his sentence demanded that the registration of him as prone to extremism be declared illegal. On February 1, 2022 the Petushinsky district court did not support this claim. According to the regional court’s website, it was found that Navalny did not deny his leadership role in the activities of the FBK (an extremist organization banned in Russia and a foreign agent):

“Previously, A.A. Navalny had repeatedly violated the current legislation concerning the procedure for organizing or holding a meeting, rally, demonstration, march or picketing, which indicates that he did not have a properly formed law-abiding model of behavior when defending his views. The totality of these circumstances, in the opinion of the court, is sufficient to recognize Navalny A.A.’s political and civil position, his behavior during serving his sentence as requiring the application of preventive measures in order to prevent the realization of intent to commit an extremist offence.

In addition, the Petushinsky District Court concluded that the employees of the colony did not violate the procedure of putting Alexei Navalny on the preventive register.

It was not possible to appeal the decision of the Petushinsky district court in the higher instance. On June 7, Vladimir Regional Court dismissed the appeal, stating that Navalny’s placement on the preventive watch list as a person prone to extremism was lawful.

Recall that in January 2022 Rosfinmonitoring included Alexei Navalny in the register of terrorists and extremists.

The opposition politician has been serving a sentence in the Yves Rocher case in Pokrovsk prison No. 2 since March 2021. In March 2022 he was also sentenced to nine years in the donation fraud case. Soon he is to be transferred to another high-security colony.

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