Vladimir Regional Health Agency Paid by Court for Epilepsy Patient’s Medication After Refusal of Analogues

The patient's rights were protected by the prosecutor's office

In Vladimir, the prosecutor’s office obtained reimbursement for the purchase of a discount drug for a patient with epilepsy, according to the press service of the supervisory authority.

It was found that the woman was entitled to receive the drug free of charge. According to a doctor’s recommendation, she needs to take the drug “Levetiracitam”. However, the woman has an intolerance to all analogues of the drug, except for the drug under the trade name “Keppa”. In this regard, this particular drug is categorically recommended for the patient to take.

“At the same time, the officials of the Department of Health of the Vladimir region did not take timely measures aimed at the procurement of the patient’s drug by trade name. Therefore, the applicant was forced to purchase the medicine at her own expense. The total amount spent was about 45,000 rubles,” the prosecutor’s office said.

After the circumstances had been established, the prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit in court, demanding to oblige the regional health department to compensate the woman for the cost of purchasing the drug that she was legally entitled to for free. The court satisfied the claim, but the decision did not take legal effect.

Recently, the issue of replacing the medications recommended by doctors with analogues has been frequently discussed in the public arena. For example, in the middle of February 2022 parents of disabled children complained to the Head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin about substitution of medicines.

Artem Osipov, Acting Director of the Department of Health, believes that the replacement of drugs is justified, since Russian analogues of the usual medications have been licensed and allowed for use.

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