Gubernatorial Elections in the Vladimir Region Will Be Held on September 11

Such a decision was made by the deputies of the regional parliament on June 9

The deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir region held an extraordinary meeting on June 9 to consider a single question, formally worded as follows: “On a draft resolution on the appointment of early elections of the governor of the Vladimir region.” The speaker was the vice-speaker of regional parliament Roman Kavinov.

Deputies have supported the decision unanimously, for it voted 26 of the present people elected. Election of Governor of the Vladimir region is scheduled for Sunday, September 11.
One of the participants in the election race will be acting governor Alexander Avdeev, who has been in office since October 2022, following the resignation of Vladimir Sipyagin, who decided to swap the governor’s chair for a seat in the State Duma.

At the May press conference, Avdeev said in response to a question from the Chesnok (CPRF-affiliated newspaper) that United Russia will not put any restrictions on gubernatorial candidates from other parties. According to the law, gubernatorial candidates must pass the municipal filter – in other words, get the required number of signatures from municipal legislators.

An overwhelming number of such deputies belong to United Russia. Formally, deputies may sign for a nominee of any party. This vote does not mean support; it only indicates that the municipal deputy is not against nominating this person for the gubernatorial election. At the same time, representatives of the ruling party have a technical possibility to block the passage of the municipal filter for representatives of other parties, if their participation in the elections would be undesirable in the eyes of United Russia.

“I think that all parliamentary parties will have the opportunity to put up their candidate. My opinion is that, in this case, there is no need to block anything, and so on. There are, indeed, parties that enjoy maximum support, well, and, in fact, they should have their representatives. There are not any other wishes, settings or restrictions”, – Alexander Avdeev, the Acting Governor and head of the regional branch of the “United Russia” party, said at a press conference.

Also during the meeting of the Regional Council on June 9 it was finally known about the decision not to hold by-election of deputies to the regional parliament. In September 2021 Alexei Govyrin, a deputy (from the Kovrov-Gorokhovets constituency) was elected to the State Duma, and Anna Kochelyaeva, who was elected from the Vladimir constituency, left the Duma on March 1.

Elections for the legislature of the eighth convocation are scheduled for September 10, 2023. They will take place in a year without one day after gubernatorial elections of 2022. Thus, by September 11, the provision that by-elections should be scheduled in case there is at least one year before the scheduled campaign will come into force. The regional election commission does not seem to think it advisable to hold several elections a week apart.

“It took a long time to make a decision and different lawyers interpreted the law in different ways, but so far no elections have been scheduled for the Legislative Assembly,” Vladimir Kiselev, the speaker of the regional parliament, briefly explained.

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