Nurse Demands Money After Contracting Coronavirus at Work in Vladimir

The employee was denied payment by the Regional Psychiatric Hospital No. 2

The Suzdal District Court is hearing a lawsuit filed by a junior nurse at the Regional Psychiatric Hospital No. 2 against her employer. The medical facility is actually located near Vladimir, but belongs to a different district.

As the woman explained, during her work she had contact with patients infected with coronavirus. The presence of the disease in the patients was confirmed as a result of diagnostics. After the contact, the nurse herself fell ill, which was discovered after a routine PCR test.

In Russia, there is a presidential decree, according to which nurses are entitled to a lump-sum insurance payment in case they fall ill at work. A woman applied for the money, but was refused by the medical commission. Now the nurse is defending her rights in court. Initially the court session was scheduled for June 9, but it was decided to postpone it to a later date.

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