The State Prosecutor Requested 13 Years in Prison and a Fine of 50 Million Rubles for the Ex-deputy Governor Chagaev

The trial in this case is coming to a close

In the Oktyabrsky district court of Vladimir, the criminal investigation of the former deputy governor Renat Chagaev was completed. The former official is accused under the article “receiving a bribe by a person holding a public office of a subject of the Russian Federation, on a large scale”.

As the investigation established, in March 2018, Chagaev received one million rubles from the director of one of the commercial firms in his office through an intermediary. In return, the entrepreneur wanted officials of the “Oblstroyzakazchik” to sign acts of work performed under a state contract. We are talking about the reconstruction of the unfinished therapeutic building of the Gus-Khrustal city hospital for obstetric.

“In addition, from December 2017 to November 2018, the defendant received a bribe in the amount of 615 thousand rubles from the same person on bank cards belonging to him for general patronage and connivance in service, including not applying disciplinary measures to the latter,” the prosecutor’s office reported.

Chagaev himself did not plead guilty to the crime. He explained that it was not a bribe, but the return of a debt.

The State Prosecutor requests that the former vice-governor be sentenced to 13 years’ imprisonment to be served in a maximum security penal colony and fined 50 million rubles. Renat Chagaev is also prohibited from holding positions in government and municipal authorities for 10 years.

Recall, Renat Chagaev was arrested in April 2021. He was taken to Vladimir from Moscow. The Oktyabrsky District Court granted the petition of the investigation and put him in custody. The former deputy of Svetlana Orlova was suspected of taking a multi-million bribe.

Renat Chagaev worked in the administration of the Vladimir region since 2013. From 2016 to 2018, he was vice-governor in charge of the construction industry. He replaced the convicted Dmitry Khvostov in that position. During the trial on Khvostov’s case, Chagaev’s last name was heard in the context of dubious sale of expensive cars.

Also the name of the ex-deputy governor was heard during the trial of the former director of the State Unitary Enterprise “Oblstroyzakazchik” Andrei Boyarinov. The episode concerned the construction of a school in Sobinka. The supervisor of the facility was Renat Chagaev. The defendant stated that he had given four million rubles to Orlova’s deputy.

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