The White House Signed an Agreement on the Establishment of the Vladimir Branch of the Medical University

Enrollment is expected to begin in the summer of 2023

On September 7 in the building of Vladimir region administration the rector of Volga Region Medical Research University and the acting governor Alexander Avdeev signed a cooperation agreement that implies coordination of efforts in establishing a branch of the university in Vladimir.

The White House explains the need to open a new educational institution by the acute shortage of doctors. Despite regular reports about the improvement of the situation, as it turned out, the shortage of medical personnel is not getting any smaller. Today the region lacks 900 doctors and about 1,500 nurses, paramedics, and laboratory technicians.

Over the next year the parties will prepare material and technical basis, obtain licenses and approvals, will repair the building at 3 Oktyabrsky Avenue, and will decide on the future teaching staff. As of today about 100 regional physicians have applied and expressed their desire to become teachers. In addition, some part of the pedagogical staff will be represented by the staff of the main institution of higher education.

“A doctor is always an active and intelligent person, striving for science and additional knowledge. All these features we have to take into account when forming the team. We note the positive response to the opening of the branch, and for us it is a sign and a very great credit of trust, a great responsibility. I hope that together we will pass this difficult way, and the region will get a point of higher medical education,” – Rector Nikolay Karyakin commented on the signing of the agreement.

The branch will have 100 budgetary places. Within the framework of the specialty will be opened the direction “Medicine”. Cardiologists, pulmonologists, anesthesiologists and intensive care specialists will be trained as residents. The institution will be able to admit its first students in 2023.

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