Voting for The new Governor of the Vladimir Region Has Started

Top officials have already put their ballots in the ballot boxes

On September 9, the polls opened in the Vladimir region. At 8:00 a.m., the Russian anthem was played at first at all PECs, and then the commissions began their work. Voters will vote in early gubernatorial elections in September 2022, where five candidates have been registered. Thirty-five election campaigns for representative bodies of municipalities are also taking place.

Voter lists include 1,090,509 people. Among them is Alexander Avdeev, who has settled in the village of Snovitsy in Suzdal district. It was in this settlement that the head of the region came together with his wife to the polling station, located in a secondary school.

Andrey Shokhin, Avdeev’s nominee for senator, arrived to vote at the DTU by 10:00. The mayor of Vladimir first received his ballot, then went to the booth where he made his choice, and then dropped the ballot into the ballot box.

Let’s remind that to vote at elections it is possible within three days – on September 9, 10 and 11. All the relevant information on the subject can be found on the site of the regional election commission in the section “the day of voting on September, 11”.
At 452 polling stations, where more than 70% of the region’s voters can vote, as well as at 23 territorial electoral commissions, video surveillance cameras have been installed. The events taking place at the PECs are broadcast online in the Center for Election Observation. It is located in the Vladimir branch of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

“The rest of the polling stations are equipped with video cameras. Video camera coverage covers the ballot-issuing areas, ballot boxes, vote-counting places, safes where ballots are stored, and enlarged forms of protocols,” the regional election commission reports.

Voting at 60 polling stations in Kovrov and Raduzhny is done with the help of ballot processing complexes (KOIB – 2010). At the remaining polling stations, technology will be used to produce precinct commissions’ protocols for voting with a QR code for an accelerated data input into the state automated system “Elections”. The necessary equipment with special software was installed in the premises of election commissions.

At polling station 424 at school number 8 of the regional center the visually impaired and blind voters will be able to use a special device – typhlomarker for the first time. Five polling stations in places of compact residence of visually impaired and blind voters are equipped with brochures with information about the candidates in Braille.

7,262 voters of Vladimir Oblast used the “Mobile Voter” mechanism and chose a convenient polling station within the region to vote in the early gubernatorial elections.

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