The Construction of a Large Passageway in Vladimir Is Hindered by Two Houses. Residents Do Not Agree With the Monetary Compensation Offered by the Mayor’s Office

Demolition of houses in Vladimir, which were in the construction zone of Rpensky proezd, is proceeding with complications. Residents of two private buildings insist on higher monetary compensation from the city administration.

“We do not agree on the price with the owners of two houses. We are not the ones who set the cost. Independent appraisers do an analysis and say how much what is worth. The owners want five times the price. We will probably have to go to court. Such a system. We would be glad to revise it, “- complained Andrei Shokhin, head of the city.

Demolition is carried out in three points in Vladimir: Pogodina Street, Krasnoselsky and Rpensky avenues. According to the mayor’s office, 14 private residential houses with 25 owners will have to be resettled in order to start Rpensky proezd.

Data on withdrawal of land plots and constructions was published on the City Administration website in spring 2020, but the negotiations on compensations began only in 2021. Some of the owners agreed to the payments.

Families said that they could not buy a new home without additional payments, but no one wants to live near such a big road. Some citizens are seeking a recalculation of compensation. It is most difficult for those whose house is divided into several families and has many shares. The amounts of payments do not allow them to buy even a “one-bedroom”.

Similar situations were at all stages of construction of Lybedskaya Railroad. Some families sued the administration of Vladimir. In each case, the decision was made individually. In some cases, families were compensated more, while others were left at the level approved by the mayor’s office.

Now the main construction of the Rpensky driveway is on Severnaya Street, near the polyclinic “Tochmash” and the Pension Fund. Mayor Andrei Shokhin says that the pace has slowed down because of the increasing prices of construction materials and large volumes of re-laying of engineering networks. No one expected that at the planning stage. In January there will be a big meeting with all subcontractors at the construction site to understand how much additional funds are required and what are the terms of work.

The state enterprise “DSU-3” builds Rpensky driveway. Work began in December 2020. The length of Rpensky proezd – 2.1 kilometers, the initial cost – 2.1 billion rubles, but later it was raised to three billion. Term of delivery of object – the spring of 2023.

Movement on Rpensky proezd will be four-lane – on two lanes in each party. All the way along the highway, sidewalks and bicycle lanes will be made. There will be seven crosswalks, four traffic lights, two stopping points.

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