Vladimir Celebrated Victory Day With a Parade, but Without Military Vehicles

More than 20 thousand citizens of Vladimir marched in the Immortal Regiment

On May 9 Vladimir celebrated the 77th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Long before the start of the event the citizens of Vladimir began to gather on Sadovaya Square to march in the Immortal Regiment to the Victory Square. The column of people with portraits of relatives, participants of the Great Patriotic War, stretched for hundreds of meters. The authorities estimated that over 20 thousand people took part in the action.

The procession began at 10:00. Volunteers were holding portraits of 24 Vladimir residents, Heroes of the Soviet Union, in the first line. Streets and schools of Vladimir are named after them.

Next in the column were the leaders of the region and the city. They also spoke at the rally in front of the veterans, for whom special seats had been set up under the tents, and the townspeople.

The head of the region said that his grandfather Mikhail Alexeyevich Volodin delivered urgent dispatches between the front and the rear. He had been to many battlefields and shared stories after the war.

“Today, as part of the “Immortal Regiment” procession, I carried his portrait through the streets of Vladimir. Next to him are hundreds of other portraits. With the same strong-willed, kind and wise faces. I am proud that on this day my daughter was walking to my right. It was the first time she took part in the procession. She was carrying a portrait of her great-grandfather – Ivan Kornievich Minakova. I believe, my daughter will keep the memory of her great-grandfathers and pass it on to her children. So it will be in every family touched by the Great Patriotic War. The feat of our ancestors will be honored forever!”, – said Alexander Avdeev.

The head of the region stressed that today Russia has new tasks – to defend the dignity of the heroic ancestors and restore peace.

“We have the truth, historical memory and love for the Motherland with us, and that means we will win!”

The speeches were followed by a festive parade. This year there were no military vehicles. Columns of military units located on the territory of the region marched along Victory Square.

At the end of the ceremonial part the VIPs laid a garland and flowers to the Eternal Flame, and when the cordon was lifted the city’s residents streamed to the memorial.

Various events were planned for the citizens of Vladimir on May 9 in all districts of the city. The day ended with a celebratory fireworks display on Victory Square.

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