Kovrov Received the “Sword of Victory” by Ural Masters

Townspeople will see it on June 12

Russian cities of military glory received commemorative “Swords of Victory” made by Ural masters. Among them was Kovrov. The presentation ceremony was held on June 9 in Moscow, it was attended by a delegation from the Vladimir region, headed by the Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev and the Chairman of Kovrov City Council Anatoly Zotov.

For the first time such souvenirs were given to cities on the eve of the 70th anniversary of Victory. Now, apparently, no memorable date was needed for the action.

It is reported that the weapons are handmade by the Zlatoust armory company from the Southern Urals. The swords correspond to the standard of bladed weapons, a dedicatory inscription and vegetable ornament are carved on the blade on one side, and the phrase from the movie “Alexander Nevsky” – “Who comes to us with a sword, he will perish by the sword” – on the other side.

“On all-metal scabbards are engraved the Order of Victory and portraits of Russian commanders. The weight of each sword is 4.5 kilograms, the length of the blade – one meter, and the hilt – 20 centimeters”, – told the press service of the regional administration.

Residents of Kovrov will be presented with a sword on June 12 on the Day of Russia. Then the weapon will be placed in the local historical and memorial museum.

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