Vladimir Region Gets Almost 30 Million Rubles to Purchase Flags and Coats of Arms of Russia for Schools

The regions will receive federal funds to purchase coats of arms, flags of Russia and flagpoles. More than 970 million rubles will be allocated for this purpose. The corresponding decree was signed by the chairman of the government Mikhail Mishustin.

The Russian government website reports that 11 thousand schools in 31 regions will be provided with sets of state symbols this year. By 2024 coats of arms and flags will be in all schools across the country.

Vladimir region was also included into the list of regions to be the first to receive money. According to the document, the federal center will allocate 29.7 million rubles to buy state symbols for local schools.

On September 1, schools in Russia will start the school week by raising the flag to the national anthem. Some secondary schools in Vladimir have already introduced this tradition since late April. In addition, a Council for patriotic education of children and youth has been created in the region, its first meeting will be held on June 21.

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