In the Vladimir Region in 2022 the Number of Lawsuits for Non-payment of Wages Increased by a Third

The number of lawsuits after failure to pay housing and utilities increased by 7%

Courts in the Vladimir region in the first half of 2022 recorded a tangible increase in the number of cases, usually associated with the difficult financial situation of the defendant. Thus, according to court statistics, justices of the peace have considered four thousand more cases (7%) related to the recovery of payments for housing, utilities and electricity. In total, as it is possible to count, such claims in the first half-year turned out more than 55 thousand.

The number of disputes arising from labor relations increased by 32%. The main mass of them are cases about non-payment of wages and other payments. Lawsuits to recover loans and other borrowed funds accounted for a significant portion of the district courts’ caseload.

“Unfortunately, the growth of cases coming before justice of the peace on recovery of payment for housing and utilities, heat and electricity (by more than 4 thousand cases or 7%), as well as cases on disputes arising from labor relations (by 32%), the main mass among which are lawsuits on recovery of unpaid wages and other payments”, – reported in press-service of Vladimir regional court.

Statistics of “family” disputes also changes under current conditions. In the first half of the year there was a 26% increase of alimony lawsuits and a 56.7% increase of disputes related to wills.

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