Communists and Atheists Opposed the Installation of a Monument to Tsar Nicholas II in Vladimir

Open appeal and statement sent to the media

In Vladimir, there are opponents to the installation of a monument to Nicholas II. On the eve it became known that the monument should appear in the summer of 2022 near the Holy Trinity Church on Museinaya Street. The idea belongs to the rector of the church, Father Eugene, as well as a well-known sculptor from Vladimir, Ilya Shanin.

After the plans to install a monument to the last Russian emperor were written about by the media, the undertaking was criticized by the regional branch of the CPRF. A statement from the party said that the Communists are “categorically against perpetuating the memory of ‘Nikolai the Bloody'” because he organized the mass shooting of unarmed workers in St. Petersburg and dragged Russia into two unnecessary wars.

“The cynicism of the initiative is exacerbated by the fact that 2022 is the year of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the most developed and fairest state in the world, thanks to whose legacy the Russian Federation still exists today. Installing a monument to a failed czar, who denied his people their civil rights and Constitution, in this year, looks like blasphemy and mockery, not only at common sense, but also at the people who won,” says a statement from the CPRF regional branch.

The Vladimir Communists added that decisions regarding the installation of such monuments should be made after a public debate, and sculptors attempting to fulfill their political views should first learn some history.

Recall that the Communists themselves are trying to immortalize Stalin’s name in Vladimir. They are proposing to name a street in honor of the generalissimo, or at least hang a memorial plaque. At the same time in Vladimir a bust of Joseph Vissarionovich is placed on private property near house #55A on Mira Street, together with monuments to other Soviet leaders. A second bust, gilded, appeared in 2015 near the Vladimir regional committee of the CPRF. Later it was removed indoors.

Sculptor Ilya Shanin is already working on the monument to Nicholas II. Photo –

The Vladimir branch of the all-Russian public organization “Atheists of Russia” also opposed the monument to Nicholas II in Vladimir. The activists sent an appeal to Tikhon, metropolitan of Vladimir and Suzdal, in which they asked him to prohibit the installation of the monument, even if it was on church grounds.

“In the history of Russia, perhaps no rulers have been treated so negatively by society as Nikolai Romanov, who was nicknamed “bloody” by the people. Most people associate Romanov with the powerlessness and illiteracy of the Russian population, shootings of peaceful demonstrations, obscurantism, lost wars, and so on”.

Members of the organization believe that implementation of the initiative may lead to conflicts on religious grounds in the Vladimir region.

According to ProVladimir, the installation of a monument to Nicholas II on the grounds of Holy Trinity Church has not yet been approved by Metropolitan Tikhon. However, the abbot of the temple announced the collection of funds on November 7, 2021.

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