The First Cafe “Tasty – And End to Debate” on the Place of “MCDONALD’s” Will Open in Vladimir on July 17

Staff has already been hired

On July 17, the first fast-food cafe “Tasty – And End to Debate” will open in Vladimir. It is located in the building of the former McDonald’s on Lenin Avenue, 74, at the exit from the city.

Recall that all three McDonald’s fast food restaurants in Vladimir closed in mid-March. It became clear in June that a new Russian fast food chain “Tasty – And End to Debate” will open in their place. The launch of the cafe in the regional center was postponed several times. The reasons cited were logistical and technical difficulties.

“We are pleased to announce the opening date of the restaurant on Lenin Avenue. On July 17 at 10:00 you will be waiting for unforgettable sandwiches and chilled ice cream,” – reported in the network group in “VKontakte”.

Members of the community “Tasty – And End to Debate” clarified that on the first Sunday the breakfast menu will not be available. They will start with the main menu. Most of the items “McDonald’s” will remain, change only the names. A mobile app will be available. Combo sets will become valid, as well as the children’s menu with gifts.

Within a month, the “Tasty – And End to Debate” chain in Vladimir was recruiting staff. Announcements hung on the doors of the cafes themselves. They accepted young people, including on a reduced workday.

“Our guests were looking forward to our return. They called us, curious, worried about us. It’s very important to us to provide our guests with the best possible service and experience, to maintain that very atmosphere of comfort and hospitality. And we have the same team of professionals to accomplish this task!” – said Roman Tsvetkov, director of the cafe in the “Meridian” shopping center in Vladimir.

The dates of opening of the cafe near “Globus” and in the center on Gagarin Street have not been determined yet. Users are advised to follow the news in social networks. There are banners with information about the imminent opening on the cafes themselves. There are three spots instead of a date.

We should add that the institutions of “Tasty – And End to Debate” have already opened in many Russian cities, they attracted increased attention. Perhaps with this is due to a large number of not the most positive news on the subject. In some cafes, for example, French fries will not be available until fall. In one Moscow institution customers found buns with mold and stale sauces. In Altufievo, pigeons and crows were filmed pecking at products standing in the street. The company’s press service, however, states that the unfit goods have been written off.

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