Oblzdrav Will Pay 17.5 Million Rubles for Dashboards and a Telegram Voice Bot for the Needs of Officials and the Governor

The bot will understand human speech, as well as tell you about mortality, hospitalizations, and fertility

The Department of Property and Land Relations of the Vladimir region in the interests of the structure of the Regional Health Center MIAC conducted a procurement for the construction of a reporting system of medical readings. The original contract price was 17.5 million rubles, and only the Moscow company “PolyAnalytics” applied for the tender. According to the “GosZatry” service, the organization has not previously entered into contracts with state institutions amounting to more than three million rubles.

Another analytical system will be introduced for the prevention and elimination of crisis situations by visualizing the quality and accessibility of health care available to the Department of Health.

The terms of reference for the purchase includes both the usual requirements for state digitalization and requirements that are not usually put forward for systems designed for a small number of users. It is assumed that the future technical solution will have at least 100 users, who will receive information at the level of the “Medical Information and Analytical Center”, the Regional Health Department, and the governor.

It can be assumed that one of the recipients of the system will be the head of the region, who will be able to monitor health indicators in real time.

Among the indicators that must be present in dashboards and reports is mortality in the context of causes, areas of the region, months, as well as gender and age. There will also be monitoring of measures to reduce mortality, including the proportion of ambulance team visits of up to 20 minutes, the number of complex operations performed, dispensaries, staffing of obstetric stations and so on.

Separate attention will be paid to coronavirus, visualizing the number of hospitalizations, the provision of beds and ventilators, as well as the projected workload of health facilities and the number of patients scheduled for discharge in the next two days. The terms of reference report that time-series forecasting will be done using machine learning algorithms.

The system will have to have some flexibility, making it possible to apply filtering, aggregation and customization functions. In addition to dashboards, the system will generate automatic multi-page reports, and use both internal storage and external sources as a data source, accessing them in python and C#. Reports will be accessible through the Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers.

The analytical system will also create a mobile application, which will run on both iOS and Android. However, this functionality was not enough for the Vladimir Regional Health Department, and in the requirements for the purchase they also prescribed the presence of a voice assistant that uses the search by vector representations of tokenized words.

“The virtual assistant must be able to provide the user with a real-time response to an analytical query spoken in natural language. There should be support for the Russian language. Access to the virtual assistant should be provided through a mobile app and Telegram. Work with the assistant should be carried out through an interactive chat with the user”, says the terms of reference for the purchase.

Given the specifics of the system, designed for professional analysts and managers, in theory the voice assistant will be used by the governor and several other people. The requirement for a private telegram bot in such a context looks surprising at the very least.

A document with the justification of the cost of the contract is posted on the public procurement page. It actually states that the cost of the work is estimated at 17.5 million rubles, without the usual breakdown of the cost of the various modules of the project’s implementation. It is difficult to say from the description of the analytical system that the purchase is indivisible, and it is impossible to evaluate its components separately.

Recall that MIAC has been trying to build an Electronic Health System since October 2020 under a contract with “Rostelecom” for 176 million rubles. According to the information of ProVladimir, at a regular meeting with the Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev in late July 2022 it was decided to prepare and send a letter to “Rostelecom” to eliminate the deficiencies that hinder the full operation of the system, within a month. If this is done, MIAC will be able to accept the third and fourth stages of work, effectively closing this contract. One of the components of the work performed by Rostelecom will be a system of monitoring of drug provision. Its launch is associated with an opportunity to make significant progress in solving the problems of providing patients with discount drugs.

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