Fuel in Vladimir Region Has Risen by 10% In a Year

In January there was another spike

After the New Year holidays, prices for all types of fuel rose at Vladimir’s major gas stations. The increase since December was 30-40 kopecks per liter.

Today at one of the largest gas stations the prices are as follows: Ai-92 – 48.02 rubles, Ai-95 – 52.39 rubles, diesel fuel – 51.81 rubles per liter. According to Vladimirstat, in January 2021, prices were much lower: Ai-92 – 44.07 rubles, Ai-95 – 47.56 rubles, diesel fuel – 48.02 rubles. That’s a jump of 3 – 4 rubles per liter, an increase of 8% to 10%.

Experts explain: fuel price includes excise taxes, fees and taxes. And they increase all the time. Expenses of fuel producers, suppliers, and sellers are also increasing.

This year’s regional budget provides for a 4% increase in excise rates for motor gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oils for diesel and (or) carburetor (injector) engines.

“This year the norms of transferring revenues from excise duties on oil products to the regional budget have been set at 0.9539%. An additional rate of crediting excise taxes on petroleum products in the amount of 0.5687% was set,” says the draft of the regional budget for the next three years.

Revenues from payment of these excises are estimated at 5.2 billion rubles. Drivers should take comfort from the fact that 1.1 billion out of that amount will be used to implement the “Safe Quality Roads” national project in 2022. The roads will be smoother and safer. And drivers will pay for this with every tank of their car, as well as with the transport tax, which is formed by the regional road fund.

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