Murom Hospital No. 3 Is Demanding Two Million Rubles in Compensation for the Death of a Man

The man was not given medical care in time

The Murom City Court will consider a lawsuit filed by four local residents against Hospital No. 3. The citizens demand 500 thousand rubles each as compensation for moral damage and burial expenses.

In the statement of claim the victims informed that in 2021 in connection with expiration of statute of limitation of criminal liability the case concerning the doctor of the local hospital was stopped. He was accused of causing death by negligence due to improper performance of his professional duties.

In 2017, a local resident went to a doctor at Murom Municipal Hospital No. 3 complaining of shortness of breath and poor health. The patient was referred to the outpatient clinic for examination. On the same day, after the tests were conducted, the patient went to another doctor at the same clinic with similar complaints, according to the court’s website.

The man immediately called an ambulance team for hospitalization in a vascular unit. But in the emergency department of the local hospital, the patient’s condition was assessed as satisfactory, recommending him to go to the clinic again. The next day the patient died.

The experts established that the deceased needed specialized medical care at the hospital. Moreover, he should have been admitted to an intensive care unit.

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