Vladimir Region Expects “Omicron” and Predicts Explosive Growth of COVID-19 Disease

Acting deputy governor Konstantin Baranov spoke about the symptoms of the new strain

In the Vladimir region, a rise in the incidence of coronavirus is expected. According to forecasts, it will start when a new strain of omicron comes to the region. Konstantin Baranov, acting deputy governor, said this during an online briefing on the epidemic situation at the White House.

The official said that the new strain of coronavirus is more contagious than “delta” – about 75 to 80 times. It not only affects adults, but also young children, ages three to five.

“We predict an increase in the incidence of the disease by about 40% compared to the previous wave,” said Konstantin Baranov.

Symptoms of Omicron differ from those of already known strains. Taste and sense of smell may not disappear, but there is a feeling of farting in the throat and a strong cough, and there may be slight elevations in temperature. A pronounced feature is fatigue, “brokenness” of the sick person, as well as muscle pain.

Given the prognosis, most people infected with “omicron” will be treated at home. This means an increased burden on primary medical personnel.

Konstantin Baranov promised that the health care system will be prepared for the growth of the disease rate. It is planned to increase the number of ambulance crews, as well as to attract volunteers, who will call the people in outpatient treatment and deliver drugs and food to them contactless.

The region has prepared a number of observatories, where they will isolate those who are undergoing diagnostic examination due to suspected coronavirus, but do not have pronounced symptoms of the disease. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient will be transferred to a medical facility or outpatient treatment. Healthy patients will be given recommendations and sent home.
According to Baranov, Omicron has already arrived in some regions of Russia, it has been confirmed by the laboratory:

“We also sent a certain number of samples for research. When [the results] come back, we will tell you whether these samples have this virus modification.” He added that the emergence of Omicron in the Vladimir region is a matter of time”.

During the online briefing, the deputy governor traditionally touched on the topic of vaccination. He reminded – vaccination does not guarantee 100% that a person will not fall ill with coronavirus. But the fact that the disease in vaccinated people is much easier, is a well-known fact. Therefore, you don’t need to delay a visit to the vaccination offices.

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